Cyberstalking Information

Cyberstalking is the act of targeting someone based off of the information that they provide. It occurs when a stranger comes across the profile of someone that they are attracted to, and sometimes it is carried out by someone that you may know. Ex-girlfriends and boyfriends often cyber stalk to keep tabs on whether or not a person is dating someone else. Threats usually occur in these cases, and the results are often catastrophic. Make sure that you block a person who continues to send you threatening messages or who provides harassment. If they continue to contact you then you can simply notify the proper authorities to make it stop.

The best way to prevent cyberstalking is to make sure that you never post sexually suggestive material for others to view. Teens often fail to realize that the content they post can be viewed by more than just their friends. For example, even if a Facebook account is set to “private,” this does not prevent friends of friends from saving your pictures. If sexually suggestive pictures make their way into the wrong hands, then cyberstalking is much more likely to occur. Make it a practice to never post this type of content in the first place in order to protect yourself.

One of the best ways to determine if you have a cyberstalker is to closely monitor your Facebook profile information. Check to see if anyone you do not know is posting comments or conducting other activities on your page. Additionally, be wary of friend requests which seem suspicious. These include friend requests which come out of nowhere, or requests with an accompanying message which is sexual or threatening in nature. Report all suspicious activity as soon as you can to prevent a major disturbance, and to protect the rest of the online community.