Internet Safety: Teens Over 13

There is little question that the teen years are difficult years for many adolescents. Peer pressure and raging hormones often causes them to make poor decisions. This is especially true for teenagers who are over the age of 13. They often take part in risky behavior, such as posting questionable content, or bullying. The only way to prevent these kinds of things from happening to your teen, is to have an open and honest conversation. Use key resources which are at your disposal to relate the importance of being careful while online, and you will not have to worry about the way that they conduct themselves.

Sexting has become popular through cell phones, and it also occurs online. Teens over 13 are increasingly sending suggestive or nude photos to one another, whether it is to a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or worse, a complete stranger. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide platforms for teens to post this type of content. One way to protect your teen is to make sure that you are aware of his or her passwords for social media websites. You can even establish an age limit for when they are allowed to change their password.

Bullying is a hot topic at the moment, as social media and online use makes it easier than ever to conduct. It most often occurs on Facebook, where teens over 13 can post mean comments or spread vicious rumors. A good way to address this issue is to cite the highly publicized instances of suicide in teens who have been bullied to the brink. Stress the fact that charges are often brought on teens who participate in bullying behavior. The only way to get through to them is to cite real-world examples, as doing so will help to deter them from such behaviors.