Parent Resources

There are many resources for parents to choose from when it comes to protecting children from online dangers. They are found through blogs, schools, help centers and advocacy group postings. Quality online resources not only express the hidden dangers of online use, but they also provide key ways to prevent them in the first place. Warning signs are often hard to see, but good resources clearly define them in order to help you to protect yourself, as well as your family. While many steps might seem like common sense actions, others require immediate actions to prevent problems at school or at home.

Your child’s school is one of the best places that you can turn to if you need a good resource. School counselors have plenty of information on bullying, for example, as this is something they see on a daily basis. Since bullying has gone from face to face contact to online bullying, it has become challenging to stop it. If you feel that your child is being bullied online, you can go to his or her school to talk to a counselor about the best course of action. Bullies who are the perpetrators can be dealt with much more easily if you become proactive.

Another key resource is blogs. There are many helpful parent-owned blogs which provide useful information to prevent bullying behavior or sexual exploitation. Many of these blogs allow parents to share their own examples in the hopes that they allow other people to learn from them. Read these blog posts carefully, and use them to compare your own online situation. You might find that there are distinct similarities present, and this allows you to stop a situation before it gets completely out of control. Don’t wait until the problem occurs, and exercise prevention techniques by using these resources.